Southwest Concrete Paving Co. (SWCP) has over a decade of Heavy Civil / Airfield Construction as a corporate entity and the Nuttall Family has over 50 years that they bring to the management of the company. SWCP’s successful inception in 2008 led to significant growth since and has set the foundation for continued success. SWCP prides our self on the quality of our work and with our extensive experience, the ability to deliver complex and challenging jobs. We are staffed with talented, hardworking, and tenured employees whose expertise in heavy civil / airfield construction has been the foundation of our success.   

We are unique in the heavy civil marketplace because have a business model based on guiding principles. SWCP knows who we are and so do our clients. SWCP has become known in the heavy civil / airfield contracting marketplace as a company that is “Small enough to know you; Large enough to serve you”. SWCP believes that any successful entity that intends to set itself apart from others must have a strategic vision that can be translated into our company’s ethical construct, in more detail. 

  • Generational Solutions – SWCP understands that from our aggregates to our concrete mix to our workmanship, our projects must withstand the test of time.  Every aspect of our effort starts with the end in mind and focuses on Proactive Quality Control. 

  • Systems Thinking – SWCP understands that heavy civil projects require a discipline for understanding the big picture and seeing the details.   We see the interrelationship of the project to the purpose, whether its homeland security, public health & safety or for public convenience.  

  • Reliability –  Words matter, we subscribe to the guiding principle that what we say reflects on our character. What we do defines our reputation and we are relentless in ensuring we do what we say we are going to do. SWCP guarantees that the reliability of our work will never become a point of failure. 

  • Transparency – SWCP believes that sharing information builds a level of confidence with our clients. This enables us to communicate honestly and openly to ensure any emerging issues are addressed in real time.  

  • People – SWCP understands that to compete, especially in a high risk, high consequence marketplace we must employ and retain the very best talent.  Our average employee tenure is 8 years, our average employee experience is over 15 year’s heavy civil construction. This single aspect of who we are expresses itself in a hundred immeasurable ways every day.

  • Best Value Pricing – SWCP understands that customer service is what we deliver, customer experience is the value you the owner believe you receive. Fiscal responsibility, environmental awareness and social equity are the three tenets that create value. Specifically, we ensure you get more than you paid for, we work tirelessly with our owners to resolve all environmental concerns and we strive to supplement our core team with local small business talent to demonstrate our appreciation for a sense of place and a respect for local heritage. 

 Safety is our first operational imperative and SWCP is puts our resources to support this objective. Regardless or economic conditions, SWCP does not short-cut our safety program which is based on a four-part strategy.

  • Systems – create structure so that our experienced and dedicated safety professionals focus “systematically” on ensuring that SWCP meets and often exceeds our safety goals. 

  • Attitude – Successful safety systems are supported by our attitude; - the “X-Factor” that permeates our workplace and jobsites, and establishes our safety culture. Attitude is rewarded at SWCP and along with experience is a primary factor in our hiring decisions at all levels, project engineers, superintendents, operators, finishers, and laborers.

  • Frequency – Repetition breeds familiarity, safety programs must be instinctual. SWCP ensures a cadence of accountability is transparent as evidenced by our DART and EMR metrics which are always trending at industry lows.  

  • Equipment – Our employees establish our intention and goals, in the heavy civil sector, safety is strongly influenced by our equipment reliability. SWCP has robust preventative maintenance programs for every piece of our mechanized inventory.

SWCP has capitalized on the opportunity to expand our efforts to acquire work in the Federal Market, Alternative Project Delivery Method projects, Joint Venture opportunities, as well as the CM/GC projects. Making entry into these markets has provided SWCP with the opportunity to contend with our competitors and deliver numerous successful projects for government agencies at all levels, throughout the Western and Southwestern United States. 

SWCP has the depth and knowledge among our top level employees that equates to several decades of experience in not only concrete work but a myriad of other construction types.  SWCP is highly qualified to complete the most difficult of concrete tasks, Airfield Concrete Paving and we own and operate the equipment necessary to deliver this type of work. The SWCP team has accomplished a great deal in our corporate lifetime, we are a company poised with the promise of longevity and continued success.